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To stem the coronavirus outbreak, European nations and even the United States are starting to adopt the wearing of masks in public, a practice long established in Asia.

The people who once libeled Muslim women to cover themselves with scarf now encouraging to use scarfs instead of masks. As we have seen in the past US President Donald Trump, who has openly condemned the liberation of wearing hijab for Muslim women, even the phobic countries who banned Muslim women to wear hijab now by using scarfs and adopting masks make them look like more Muslims than ever before.
European countries who consider “covering your face” a threat, now gone as far as to making it mandatory by law. In fact, London loved the idea of the veil and suggested to impose the use of veil during travel in public transports, during any public interaction in the market etc. Life under this new deadly virus COVID-19 has forced us to change our habits and adopt new ways of life. This is what you may already know, but what’s staggering is that your new life style is quite like the Islamic way of living!
This week Austria moved to become the fourth European nation to require masks in public, after Czech Republic, Slovakia and Turkey.

It may not be evident to many, but Islam despite of being almost 1500 years old has always complied in parallel to modern science. Due to the fast spread of COVID-19, Islamic values are rapidly being adapted around the Globe. Non-Muslim women have started covering their faces to prevent from COVID-19 which in Islam is the same as wearing Hijab. Prior to the pandemic, western culture would look down upon women who wore Hijab, but post COVID 19, western people are now bound to follow and practice the SOP’s implemented by their respective governments which are interestingly the same values that represent Islam. Islam is a religion of peace and the people who follow it, have the norms and values that would never contradict its core.

corona virus

Another major change around the Globe which links to the topic of our discussion is that Islamic law requires Muslims to purify their body before praying Five times a day which is a common practice in Muslims. Due to the pandemic, non-Muslims also have to put this in practice in their daily life to prevent themselves from the virus.

COVID-19 has had a Major impact on every person’s life. This Pandemic is gradually changing our Norms. Universities Schools Colleges and most work places are also forced to shut down due to the pandemic.
People due to staying at home due to COVID-19, are getting closer to their conscience and are now should ponder on the way of life with peace and unity amongst each other. Public entertainments like Casinos, Clubs and Bars are either shutdown or closed. Medical experts state alcohol consumption not be good for our health especially in fighting against the pandemic. Consumption of alcohol can make the virus even worse, resulting in some countries banning alcohol now. Call it a coincidence or not but the fact is, all this is resulting for people to live the ISLAMIC way of Life!

Nearly all public authorities of major countries have made it a part of their legislation that it is mandatory to cover your face in all Public Areas. If everyone can and will have to go around with their faces covered, then there is hope that others would now understand Muslims side of things and stop this discrimination. Will the change in circumstances caused by the Pandemic also induce western people to re-categorize the meaning of the veil?

It has even become socially acceptable not to shake hands a typical Muslim practice. People following the World Health Organization SOP’s now avoid shaking hands even while covering their hands & face. In Europe who had banned the Hijab and caused Muslims so much inconvenience for their practices are now adopting this practice too. Even the word Islamophobic that was invented by major governments are now following and practicing the Islamic way one way or the other as this pandemic is a Global phobia.

Economic front interest rates been slashed to Zero % by major governments which is exactly what Islam teaches.


This Global pandemic proved that Islamic way of life has been right all along and the West has realized this, resulting which they have made all these reforms as they acknowledge that it would help them survive this pandemic.