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Safety measures during a house or apartment fire are very essential to be taken urgently as these measures are intended to reduce the damage and uncontrolled effects that are caused by a fire.

Safety measures are usually the steps and activities performed during the fire to protect yourself from loss and destructive harm. Such preventive actions should be inspected now and then as a practice to ensure first-rate safety from any unintentional fire or emergency.

Prevention against fire is the best defence because you can protect yourself in an emergency in your home or apartment. Knowing what safety and preventive measures are best to be taken during a house/ apartment fire can decrease the overall loss and number of incidents by a great deal.

Following are the best safety measures and tips taken in case of a house /apartment fire:

  1. First of all, try not to panic. Remember calm and clear mind is the key to safety and take every step carefully.
  2. Keep explosion items, liquids, and other combustible material away from the flame.
  3. If fire arises, try to not stay at home for a too long.
  4. Never try to extinguish a fire by yourself. This isn’t the time to try to be a hero.
  5. Immediately call helpline numbers and services. Also, be aware of every person present in your home or apartment.
  6. While the fire is spreading, which it will and pretty fast too. Alert all the members of your family.
  7. Most numbers of deaths at fireplaces occur due to toxic smoke and gases. For prevention, use face masks or any cloth at hand. Put it to close to your nose and mouth. And not allow yourself to inhale the gases.
  8. Also, keep a watch over ceilings and other surroundings as people can suffer from falling debris during a fire.
  9. When you have safely evacuated your home or apartment check up on your family members for any injuries or other needed help.
  10. If you are living in an apartment, help your neighbours stay away from the fire because at this point they are probably unaware or confused about the situation.
  11. Keep a first-aid box nearby and use it to help yourself or others in case of any injury.
  12. Let the fire fighters do their job and control the situation. Try helping only if you are asked for it.
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  1. When fire extinguishers blow out the fire and have dealt with the situation completely, avoid going to the site of the incident immediately. Stay away for at least 5 to 6 hours from a particular fireplace.
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Here are some preventive measures against fire for you to take in order to avoid any risks and emergencies:

  • Safety alerts like smoke smash, fire alarm and other types of equipment are a mus-have. Make sure your place or surroundings are equipped in ways that can warn you about any possible hazard.
  • Always turn off your burners as they are a very common cause of fire in homes.
  • Keep your clothes and other material away from flames and burners.
  • Stay away from combustible things i.e. maintain a distance of at least three feet from burners or compressors.
  • Avoid using candles in case of power outages. Use emergency lights and torches for such purposes.
  • Try to smoke in the open and dispose of it carefully.
  • The furniture around your house can be made of inflammable materials. Keep them from getting in contact with direct fire.
  • Keep matchboxes, lighters and any other sources of fire at a safe place and away from children’s reach.
  • Check the smoke detectors and fire alarms in your house often to make sure they are functioning well.
  • Check electric circuits at least once a month. Remove damaged, cracked, or broken cords. Also, look out for any other open wires around the house and eliminate any such risks of sparks and fires.
  • Fire-related hazards are the most common during winters. Make sure you’re not using flammable materials around the house.
  • Double-check things and ensure everything is turned off before going to bed.
  • Share information with your family members and neighbours. Train your kids if you have to avoid any possible risks.

Effective and on time safety measures during a house /apartment fire can play a vital role in saving human lives. It can also help minimize the extent of damages or loss. Fire alarms, fire exits, smoke detectors, and other escape routes are all part of such measures taken during an emergency.

However, these can only be of advantage if right safety measures are taken at the right time. Remember time is of utmost importance here.

Prepare yourself as per routine for these emergencies. Look out for any visible warning signs. As it is your responsibility to keep yourself and the people around you safe and should be a priority too.