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Gwadar Commercial Zone

GCZ is connected directly to the New Islamabad Airport offering very good connectivity in the future. This project will offer all facilities that an airport development demands like space for offices, restaurants for entertainment, hotels for accommodation etc. The acres and acres of Industrial area development in future will attract a lot of footfall in the area and non-provision of separate commercial areas …

CPEC Warehouse Gwadar

This project is ideally located just next to the airport and will offer future developments of cargo handling facilities for companies like DHL, TCS and FedEx who want to be located as close as possible to the airport to assist in cargo movement .The main high expense component of carrying cargo is the trucking time and fuel. Being close to the airport offers exponential savings in terms of these costs making this project’s location very ideal This project has acres and acres of industrial land around and will support in …


– Gwadar is on the verge of breakthrough as it holds pivotable role in global political and business dynamics. China is heavily investing in its Belt Road Initiative of which CPEC is the most important component. Gwadar holds the most important role in development of CPEC, which is now a reality in Pakistan. Projects funded by the Chinese under CPEC are already operational and many others are near to completion. Facilities developed all over Pakistan aim to support the trade route from Gwadar to China.- Gwadar holding key role in this project, is already seeing massive development activities in the city in terms of tax-free zones, roads, expressways, industrial zones, commercial zones and tourism facilities.- Recent highlight of Gwadar Cricket Ground is just tip of the iceberg as there are many other iconic facilities in Gwadar waiting to be explored. This includes, but not limited to, sunset park, Singhar Hills, Marine Drive, Gwadar Cricket Statium (different form Gwadar Cricket Ground), Grand mosque, Gwadar Hockey Stadium and beautiful  beaches of Gwadar. – China has connected the Gwadar Port with Makran Coastal Highway which via Gwadar Expressway bypassing the city. This CPEC route further connects with China via a web of motorways through Baluchistan and Punjab to offer ease of transfer of cargo from Gwadar Port to China and Central Asia.– Gwadar is attracting huge investments from foreign governments like Turkey, Russia, Iran and importantly Saudi Arabia which has already announced a multi-billion dollar oil city for which land has already been designated and the plan will be ready by this year

– Upcoming emerging trade Hub of Pakistan offering connectivity from Persian Gulf to Central Asian countries, China and the rest of Pakistan.– Deep sea port of Gwadar will naturally have the capacity to handle cargo from biggest ships in the world. – The whole city is planned by Chinese consultants to compliment the growth of the city expected in future.– The Shallow sea area (West bay) is designed for tourism, residential and water sports related activities where most of the land use is designated as Residential. -The deep sea area (East Bay) is designed for trade/commercial activities with most of land use designated as Industrial (nearly 80% with 60% saleable plots).-The two ideal and rare land use categories in Gwadar are Warehousing (suitable for cargo storage in a trade+transit city like Gwadar) and Commercial (offering wide range of land use opportunities and the most prime land of Gwadar (4% by area and allowing only 25-30% saleable plots because of tight bye-laws allowing for wide roads and open/green areas in commercial zones).– Industrial land is suitable for places with easy availability of raw materials and access to other complimenting  businesses/opportunities. – Residential land is suitable for living/holiday purposes which yes Gwadar will offer but the development is focused towards trade/transit which makes this type less appealing. Also, this type of land is so abundantly available that there are very slim opportunities of growth in land value offering limited opportunities of re-sale.


 -Warehousing land type offers storage for land-sea cargo (from Central Asia/China/Pakistan to Gulf/Africa/Europe/America) and vice versa to offer vast trade opportunities between these two very important parts of the world currently connected only via very expensive land route.– Warehousing will also assist in temporary/long term transit to abridge gap between land and sea cargo carrier schedules.– Gwadar International Airport is being developed on 4500 acres and mainly targeted towards air cargo transfers via large cargo aircrafts and the Gwadar sea port is being developed to handle biggest ships in the world. These two ports are connected via Gwadar Expressway (already constructed) which is the actual mouth of CPEC route, which by-passes Gwadar city and connects both the ports free of domestic city traffic. This connectivity offers hindrance free passage for cargo carrying vehicles.– Furthermore, a series of jetties are being developed just opposite the warehousing land towards the sea called Surbandar to assist in managing fishing related cargo. Fish is the key export from Gwadar at the moment with great potential for growth in future. These small jetties will offer cargo handling facilities for smaller carriers carrying fish/sea food and other small-scale trading from potentially other ports in Pakistan like Karachi Port, Port Qasim and possibly Iran. – Commercial land on the other hand is suitable for wide range of land uses making it ideal for a wide variety of investors and developers.                                                                                         

– Commercial area offers high rise development allowances, wide roads, ample parking spaces and a wide range of complimenting facilities around like industrial land, warehousing land and airport. – Commercial land will offer opportunities for development of office buildings, airline support facilities, hotels, guest houses, restaurants, cinemas, malls, markets, showrooms, display centers, office buildings, serviced apartments etc. All the highly lucrative business opportunities like listed above can only be done on Commercial Category land. – Commercial land, a very rare commodity in Gwadar as mentioned above with limited land-use and further limited saleable allowances will offer an edge to investors and make them stand out when they wish to re-sell. Being scarce and offering such wide range of developments possible, it will be high in demand too which will jump up the prices of this land use in the future. – The third land use suitable for potential investment in Gwadar is Residential Category, but high density. This type of land-use in close proximity to the jetties, industrial area and warehousing area offer opportunities of development of high-rise apartment towers and housing facilities for people working in commercial/industrial areas close-by. This type of housing will be suitable for executives and other skillforce looking for small, easy to maintain accommodation in Gwadar when they are staying for work. These buildings in future will offer easy and cheap housing solutions and will produce lucrative returns for investors