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CPEC Warehouse Gwadar

This area will offer support facilities for people working in commercial areas,industrial areas, airport and others.

This project is ideally located just next to the airport and will offer future developments of cargo handling facilities for companies like DHL, TCS and FedEx who want to be located as close as possible to the airport to assist in cargo movement The main high expense component of carrying cargo is the trucking time and fuel. Being close to the airport offers exponential savings in terms of these costs making this project’s location very ideal This project has acres and acres of industrial land around and will support in storage of raw materials and finished products for institutions supporting in transit of those
industries. The location of the project will also offer smooth connectivity of sea to air and air to sea transit cargo The project is connected via 300 feet road will ample parking facilities to the airport to assist hindrance free movement of cargo to and from the airport. The main road connecting CPEC 

Warehouses to the airport also connects the main residential area of Gwadar with the airport. This corridor will attract good highlight for the project. This project also contains B&R land offering business on ground floor and residential on stories above. This land use is very ideal for developers aiming to develop buildings/properties for living and supporting business facilities on the ground floor B&R land also offers 300 feet road connectivity directly from the airport and ample parking facilities. Close proximity to the airport also offers ideal connection for frequent travelers who will seek to be located in this area.