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CPEC Warehouse Gwadar

This area will offer support facilities for people working in commercial areas,industrial areas, airport and others.

When it comes to real estate investments, the old adage rings true… it’s all about location, location and location!

In that spirit, we are proud to present the CPEC Warehouse Gwadar. This prime piece of real estate is strategically located right next to the airport, with a small chunk dedicated for Business and Residential (B&R) use.

The project aims to offer cargo handling facilities in the future for large shipping companies like FedEx, DHL and TCS, serving as a warehouse in close proximity to the airport as well as the Gwadar port.

The ideal location of this warehouse minimizes fuel costs and travel times, thereby maximizing efficiency. Not only this, but its location is also central to the industrial zones of Gwadar, serving as a storage unit for raw materials and finished goods.

The Gwadar Warehouse connects to the airport via a 300 feet wide main road, enabling hassle-free movement of cargo to and from the airport. The main road also links to the main residential area as well as the Gwadar Free Zone, offering easy access and connectivity. 

This project is ripe for investment as prices begin to soar in the highly lucrative and attractive Gwadar region. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, reach out to us today at +92 21 111 111 160 to find out how you can invest!