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Samama Gulberg Islamabad

Samama Gulberg StarMarketing Islamabad Embrace the felicitous circumferential where your whims are let loose to flutter and swoop. Open those pearly gates and see the prodigy of the millennia, the Samama estate. Samama builders and developers after successful ventures of building and construction in Karachi are now securing the ground in Islamabad as well named Samama Gulberg StarMarketing Islamabad. The victorious projects in Karachi include Samama Hill view, Samama shopping complex, Samama shopping arena and tower and Samama City to name a few. The rightest site The enormous venture by Samama builders is erected in the serene terrain of Gulberg Islamabad surrounded by wide main roads. Gulberg Islamabad is readily located at the main Islamabad expressway near Airport. The joint undertaking or Gulberg Islamabad and the Samama builders will make the outcome of the next level in the already city of Green. A fine erection The miracle edifice of eight stories is ideal and up to the minute in design, structure and apparatus. The condominium is built in line with ultra modern planning and execution. All the key provisions of a world class residence and a shopping plaza are keenly concentrated. Recreation is inside Samama Gulberg fashions for you an atmosphere which is conducive for your souls to bloom and spring. Being locked in the green contours of Gulberg Islamabad, the apartments offer a dream living in a compact. Here in the living unit, recreation is inside. The Compartmentalization The apartments are squarely categorized in three different settings. The first offering is a studio apartment constructed in modish style. Moreover, there are 2 and 3 bed apartments of 750 and 950 square yards respectively. The rooms are spacious and accommodating with affixed bathrooms and sufficient vents and openings. Each unit consists of a commodious kitchen, a living room, terrace and a store room to accommodate furnishings. A la mode What’s in fashion is the question that drives the era. To look for the best solution to feed our bulging desires we need an outlet where all in one is disseminated. The Samama Gulberg eases your exhaustion. The bottom three floors of the apartment are reserved for a shopping galleria. The shopping center secures shops of varying sizes to accommodate a good range of articles of utility. High tech equipage In the age of robotics, a manual setting appears boring and humdrum. The Samama Gulberg is equipped with high tech amenities. There are automated lifts, escalators, electronic surveillance via CCTV cameras and a monitoring unit, standby generators and fire alarms. Secure Gated Security is always the first concern. The boundaries of the proposed enterprise are secure and religiously guarded with CCTV cameras on imperative distances. Manual security personnel are also proposed to assure the safety of the inhabitants to the fullest. Cook the book of Samama Gulberg StarMarketing Islamabad Take a leap and make your decision today. Don’t miss out your dream unit in the city of calm. Skim through the cordial booking plans. There are easy installments and stupendous discounts on half and full payment.

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Features of Samama Gulberg Islamabad

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  • Play Land For Kids