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Star Marketing iOS App is Out

posted by: Avataradmin
Dated: 16-07-2018

Here we are breaking the merry of the month. The Star Marketing iOS App has been released by the IT department. It is up on the App Store since yesterday. Two months back, we released our first ever mobile app that supported Android phones. The team was working hard to release the iOS version — that met some unprecedented delays. But now, it is out and ready for download. About the Mobile App The iOS app is similar to the Android app in terms of display and functionality. It features seven options on the main screen that include: Projects News and Events Profile Download Search Option Office Location Instant Calling Contact All options work instantaneously leading the user to the desired page. The call now button is the fastest with no medium in between. It leads directly to the line with the Star Representative who is exclusively dedicated to answering queries coming through the mobile channel. Why the Mobile App? To reiterate what we have been saying, the world is revolutionizing with mobile. To vie with the competition, having a mobile presence and ostentation is necessary. Besides, it has the obvious advantages that no one can deny. A mobile is the quickest way to reach a person. It needs no medium. So, having everything in your hands all 24 hours of the day is a power no one would want to leave on the table. So, with the mobile app, Star Marketing aims to empower its clients and customers. They will stay up to date with the happenings, the status of their booked projects, and they can always seek assistance any time of the day. Download the App for Free The iOS app is free for all. All you need to do is visit this link. Make two clicks and unleash the power in your hands. If you want a personalized demo of the product, call 111-111-160. Our customer support would love to help!

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